Importance Of Icon In an-Logo
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Importance Of Icon In an-Logo

Posted by:Divyansh bhadolia

Many entrepreneurs, especially ones who do not have much experience or know how of the design industry believes that a symbol of a logo should be the ones that they prefer. It should appeal to them on a personal level and be interesting as well. However, an icon may not necessarily be pleasing to the entrepreneur because its real purpose is to display the brand's image.

Think like an-Entrepreneur

Many successful entrepreneurs have unique and creative logos which appeal to them and are attractive to the masses as well. If a logo is visually appealing, people will like it automatically and will feel favorably towards its brand. But this should be the least of a logo designers concern. A good logo designer should ensure that the symbol should tell the story of the brand. A logo's icon is a creation of visual arts and is based on the representation of symbols; it can be representational or abstract. A representational icon might look like an animal, place, thing or person. Examples of representational icon may be logos of Apple Inc, Ferrari, WWF and Twitter.An abstract icon might be comprised of shapes like curves, circle, parallelogram, triangles and even swishes. Examples of an abstract icon may be the logos of Pepsi, Mercedes and Nike.

The Essentials

You can use these symbols in varying ways to give your symbols more visual meaning. Every company has its own philosophy so every logo should be unique. There is a good chance that a symbol that fits a competitor will not be sufficient to define your brand. So what type of icon should be created for your brand? An icon should communicate four elements to the masses: 1. Who you are 2. For what purpose are you here 3. Your Unique Selling Points which differentiates between you and the customer 4. And who do you work best with Once a logo designers figures that out and take a little bit of customers' opinion, he can work out a lot of what the business is all about and that can help him in creating a brand logo.

The Final Observation

After your logo has been created, it should be successful in doing the following jobs:
1. Attractive: Although one of the less important feature of a brand, an attractive audience can draw appreciative glance towards your logo.
2. Unique: A logo which is not unique is doomed to failure. It should not be confused with your competitor and you should not run the danger of being sued for copyright infringement.
3. Memorable: As the face of the business, a logo should stick in the customers mind and garner instant recognition.
4. Timeless: It should not become obsolete with the passage of trends, rather it should always remain fresh and modern looking!
5. Scalable: It should be easily enlarged or shrunk without losing any of its detail and hence should not lose its quality and be instantly recognizable in any form!

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