5 Hard to Ignore Benefits of Content Marketing or Why Your Business Needs It
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5 Hard to Ignore Benefits of Content Marketing or Why Your Business Needs It

Posted by:Kishore Bhosle

You have many options to choose among when it comes to doing online promotion but quality content seems to be gaining more and more prominence. Why is that? For a start, content is the heart and soul of many other marketing techniques. It can provide long-term benefits and it also establishes the reputation of your business in the particular niche.

Still not convinced?

Here’s a list of several important reasons that turn content marketing in the perfect possibility for promoting your company.

Build Your Brand

People that use internet to communicate with brands aren’t interested in straightforward promotion. Rather, they want to get something interesting and beneficial out of the interaction.

Content can be used to create the brand persona that appeals the most to your target. You can post how-to guides, white papers, case studies, infographics, video tutorials and anything else that you deem appropriate.

Lead Generation

More than 90 percent of B2B marketers use content-based promotion, CMI statistics show. According to DemandMetric, content-based promotion costs 62 percent less than traditional campaigns and it generates nearly three times more leads.

The conversion rates for the companies that use content marketing are six to seven times higher than the conversion rates for the ones that don’t. Something as simple as blogging on a regular basis or sharing relevant content through social networks can lead to a dramatic improvement in lead generation efforts.

More Engagement

Apart from driving more traffic to your website, the reliance on quality content will also boost the engagement of your audience.

Catchy headlines, interesting topics, the use of visuals and the creation of unique content will all stimulate the audience to engage. The engagement could come in the form of shares and likes, comments and even purchases. Getting leads to take action is the first step towards building a successful, long-term relationship that will potentially boost the size of your loyal clientele.


As already mentioned, the reliance on quality content for marketing purposes is much more affordable than many other marketing techniques.

Content marketing is more affordable than many other digital techniques and certainly much cheaper than the use of traditional advertising channels (outdoor advertising, print media and television). It continues delivering results over the long run, which maximizes exposure. The two factors combined lead to cost-effectiveness and a high ROI.

You can implement the strategy from within your organization, reducing the cost of content production even further. It all depends on your particular goals and the marketing strategy that you want to implement.

Better Website SEO

Content is becoming one of the most crucial search engine optimization elements. Many traditional techniques have been declared dead over the past few years. This optimization shift has enabled websites featuring quality content to reach the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

Quality pieces will be shared by your audience. Your content will even be featured by other websites. These create quality backlinks and help you establish a solid online presence that’s conductive of improved search engine positioning.

Does your corporate website have a blog? Are you sharing interesting pieces via social networks already? If not, you’re missing on an amazing opportunity to generate more leads, increase sales and make your brand more popular.


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