Why you need a blog for your business
11 NOV 17 13

Why Blog To Create a Buzz for Your Products & Services

Posted by:Kishore Bhosle

Blogging is still one of the best social media platforms for gaining attention in the marketplace. WHY? Because you can share your message in a way that in past years a simple website was unable to do.

Blogging is an excellent platform to create a “buzz” and elevate your online visibility in a way that prior to blogging took a large investment of both time and money to attain. In a nutshell, you had to hire a tech company to research and add the right keywords, you had to submit your site to search engines on a regular basis, oftentimes paying big bucks to do so. You also had to wait for results, for the search engines to find you/your online presence. Not so any more. Today, with blogging you can write a post and almost immediately see results.
Now that's not to say you can write just anything. You MUST position yourself as an authority on a subject that matters to others. The keywords here being "subject that matters to others."

Here are eight reasons to blog:

1. Blogging, when done right can and will drive traffic to a website.
2. Blogging gives you the opportunity to network, expand your social circles and meet people locally and around the globe.
3. Blogging allows you to test the waters, to showcase and BRAND new products.
4. Blogging gives you a voice, a chance to share your opinions, share important issues of the day, connect with like-minded people, start movements and affect change.
5. Blogging can showcase your expertise and knowledge of a subject matter and position you as an expert in your field.
6. Blogging allows you to help others. People use blogs to demonstrate things, to share how-to information, to show people behind the scenes, to teach.
7. Blogging helps you learn. We often teach what we most need to learn and blogging helps us do just that. As you learn something new, you can share it in a blog post and in turn help others who may have the same curiosity, desires and needs.
8. Blogging allows you to create a record of your thoughts, to "journal" online and keep track of information. It helps you work on your creative side in ways other mediums often cannot.

You must of course, create a blog that is going to be able to draw the desired amount of traffic and achieve the results you want. You will have to put in some time researching the wants and needs of the intended target audience.


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